BP-320 All-FET MM/MC Phono Preamplifier

BP-255 All-FET Super Shunt Regulator

BP-418 All-FET Series Regulator

BP-409 All-FET Line/Headphone Amplifier, l-V Converter

BP-510 All-FET Line Amplifier/Headphone Amplifier


BP-320 All-FET MM/MC
Phono Preamplifier

BP-320 is a MM/MC phono preamplifier. This is the top-of-the-line phono preamp. The PCB layout incorporates features such as ground plane, MC loading switch, and RIAA options. BP-320 is one of the best phono preamps money can buy.


BP-409 All-FET Line / Headphone
Amplifier, l-V Converter

BP-409 is a line/headphone amplifier but it can be also configured for use as an I-V converter. It is capable of driving low impedance headphones. This all-FET design sounds full bodied and transparent with exceptional resolution and dynamics.


BP-255 All-FET Super Shunt Regulator

BP-255 is a dual, wide-band, low-noise, shunt regulator. It is an ultimate regulator specially designed to use with audio stages such as line amp, I-V converter, and phono preamp.


BP-510 All-FET Line Amplifier /
Headphone Amplifier

BP-510 is a high performance Line / Headphone amplifier specially designed for budget-minded audiophiles. The module comes readily with a matching regulator for each channel.


BP-418 All-FET Series Regulator

BP-418 is dual, all-FET series regulators. This discrete regulator is suitable for general applications where high performance is required. BP-418 is a great upgrade from any three-terminal IC regulator.


BP-507 Dual Power Supply

BP-507 is dual power supply for audio applications. The PCB can accommodate both regular two-pole capacitors and Jensen's four-pole capacitors. The rectifiers are fast/soft recovery diodes.

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