BP-320 All-FET MM/MC Phono Preamplifier

BP-255 All-FET Super Shunt Regulator

BP-418 All-FET Series Regulator

BP-409 All-FET Line/Headphone Amplifier, l-V Converter

BP-510 All-FET Line Amplifier/Headphone Amplifier


BP-255 All-FET Super Shunt Regulator

BP-255 is a dual, wide-band, low-noise, shunt regulator. It is an ultimate regulator specially designed to use with audio stages such as line amp, I-V converter, and phono preamp. There are two versions of BP-255.
Version I is for high load current (200-350 mA) such as BP-320.
Version II is for low to medium load current (< 200 mA) and works well with BP-409 Line/Headphone Amp, I-V converter.
We highly recommend using the BP-255 Super Shunt Reg. with our
BP-320 and BP-409 modules!

Highlights :

All discrete, all-FET CCS and Error amp.
Superior transparency, dynamics, extended sound-stage, and bass
Applicable for load current from 35mA to 350mA

Schematic :
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