BP-320 All-FET MM/MC Phono Preamplifier

BP-255 All-FET Super Shunt Regulator

BP-418 All-FET Series Regulator

BP-409 All-FET Line/Headphone Amplifier, l-V Converter

BP-510 All-FET Line Amplifier/Headphone Amplifier


BP-418 All-FET Series Regulator

BP-418 is dual, all-FET series regulators. This discrete regulator is suitable for general applications where high performance is required. BP-418 is a great upgrade from any three-terminal IC regulator. Subjectively, this all-FET regulator bears fuller sound and better dynamics and extensions than opamp-based regulators.
Maximum input voltage is 45V and maximum output is 40V.
Maximum output current is 300mA with 5V input to output voltage difference.

Highlights :

Wideband, low noise, and using only discrete devices
All-FET Error amp and pass devices
Using precision, low noise, temperature-compensated devices as voltage reference
Compact board size
Schematic :
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