BP-320 All-FET MM/MC Phono Preamplifier

BP-255 All-FET Super Shunt Regulator

BP-418 All-FET Series Regulator

BP-409 All-FET Line/Headphone Amplifier, l-V Converter

BP-510 All-FET Line Amplifier/Headphone Amplifier


BP-409 All-FET Line/Headphone Amplifier,
I-V Converter

BP-409 is a line / headphone amplifier but it can be also configured for use as an I-V converter. It is capable of driving low impedance headphones. This all-FET design sounds full bodied and transparent with exceptional resolution and dynamics.

Highlights :

Top-of-the-line design
All discrete, all-FET, class-A design for exceptional resolution
and dynamics
Configurable to use as a line/headphone amp, or an I-V

Gain settable for 6dB/12dB/18dB/24dB
Works with most current output DACs such as ES9018, AD1955, PCM1704, WM8740, and etc.
Two board required for balanced operation
Schematic :
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